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The Platypus

Learn More About This Fascinating Creature

Platypus (Ornithorhynchus Anatinus)

Beautiful, majestic, mysterious and downight odd are all possible descriptions of the Platypus.

Here is an animal whose general structure puts it somewhere on a level with reptiles and birds but at the same time suggests a closer relationship to those animals we call mammals. 

Thousands of years of isolation have made the Tasmanian Platypus genetically discrete from other Australian Platypuses and makes them one of the most unique animals on earth.

Your bucket list of experiences has to include Platypus House and the Tasmanian Platypus.

Let the magic of these incredible animals unfold on an unforgettable tour with our friendly and informed staff.

Meet our platypuses, Big Jupiter, Poppy, Dawn ,Freya and Dusk and learn just how unique and important these beautiful animals are.
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