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Welcome to Platypus House and a World of Monotreme Magic!

Nestled on the water in the beautiful Tamar Valley, Platypus House offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch live Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas in daylight conditions and undercover! Wet and cold days are not a problem!

Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas are unique and simply amazing. Both are must-see animals that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Join us on an unforgettable fun and educational tour suitable for all ages and watch them actively feeding and playing as you wander through the platypus ponds and echidna garden. 

Platypus House was established to advance public awareness and understanding about the magic of the monotremes. It is an ideal educational visit for school, family and community group visits.

Enjoy a great coffee from our café overlooking the Tamar River or have fun browsing for a gift for someone special. 

Photography is most welcome. 

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